Emily Veinglory

Book List

Series: Ballot's Keep

Ballots Keep #1: Father of Dragons

Purchase: Father of Dragons (Ballots Keep Book 1)
Genre: fantasy, M/M romance
Length: novel (paperback and ebook formats)
Released: 1st edition: 2007, 2nd edition: 2017
Tag line: One grieving man is forced to uphold an ancient bargain—by giving birth to a dragon. If only life were that simple.
Blurb:  After his lover is executed for the simple crime of being a commoner, Xeras, a young nobleman of Tirrin, turns his back on his life of privilege and flees into the wilderness. Weighed down with grief, exhaustion and hunger, Xeras awakens from one confusing night in the forest with the ghostly voice of his lover in his head—and the embryo of a dragon implanted in his side. When Xeras encounters Carly, the charming Duke of Ballot’s Keep, he is far from ready to fall in love again. Still grieving, and angry about the predicament into which he’s been forced, Xeras accepts an opportunity to go after the dragons who have been making life difficult for the people of the local towns. But there is sinister magic behind the machinations of the dragons, magic that emanates from Xeras’s distant home island of Tirrin. Magic that puts the lives of both Carly and the tiny infant dragon in danger. Xeras finds that he can’t turn his back on either of them. For their sake he must face down his own countrymen and somehow thwart the Tirrin mages’ evil plans.

Ballots Keep Book 2: Lover of Ghosts

Lover of Ghosts (Ballots Keep Book 2)
Genre: Fantasy, M/M Romance
Length: novel (paperback and ebook formats)
Released: 1st edition: 2010, 2nd edition: 2017

Tag line: For love’s sake, he started a war. For peace, he could lose it all.
Blurb: Three armies are converging on the isolated town of Ballot’s Keep, and a harsh, icy winter is just around the corner. Xeras and his infant dragon are heading out of town, but not to escape. It was his meddling that caused all this trouble for his lover, Carly, and for the town. And it’s his job to set it right. Or, as his companion ghost likes to remind him, get killed trying. Carly, the duke of Ballot’s Keep, would like nothing better than to protect his troubled, magic-tainted lover. But what dragon magic has wrought, dragon magic must repair—and Xeras insists on facing the consequences of his actions. Alone. The fate of thousands of innocent people rides on Xeras’s talent for causing trouble—only this time, in turning their enemies against each other. But his need for secrecy could be too much of a betrayal for Carly to forgive…

Reviews: Elisa Rolle.

Series: Eclipse 

1) Eclipse of the Heart
1.5) Wildest Dreams
2) Here Comes the Sun
3) In progress: Canned Hunt
Notes: This series is sometimes referred to by readers as the "Hameltown" series after the town where the events of #1 and #2 occur. #2 is a direct sequel to #1 and is about the couple of Lan (werewolf) and Mason (human). #1.5 is about Luke (werewolf) and Steve (were-deer) and occurs chronologically between #1 and #2. The protagonists for #3 will be recurring characters from the other books: Charles (a.k.a. "Bob", were-coyote) and Ross (human) as well as the villain from #1.5.

Kin (formerly Samhain, reissued by author)
1) Wolfkin
2) In progress: Veilkin

Maewyn's Prophecy (Loose Id)
1) Knowing Patrick (short story)
2) The Pilgrim Heart
3) A Heart Aflame
4) A Heart in Shadows
Notes: No immediate plans to continue this series.

Stand Alone Titles

Wildest Dreams
ISBN: 9781623002732
Genre: M/M, contemporary
Length: Novella
Publisher: Loose Id
Released: 2013 (ebook)--Previously released in the anthology 'A Kiss at Midnight'. Now available as a single title.
Blurb: The new year is coming, and with it a new era of peace and cooperation between the many races of the were people. But for Luke, a lone wolf on the run from his past and his predatory nature, the new year may not be joyous. Especially when his new lover, an exiled were deer is kidnapped, and he must rely on new, non-wolf, friends to help him defeat the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ who wants to go back to a time when wolves were wolves and deer were...dinner.
Available from: AllRomanceEbooks

Rocking Out -- Currently Out of Print
ISBN: 9781613726914
Genre: M/M, contemporary
Length: Novella
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Released: 2012 (ebook)
Blurb: Bevin Stewart and Scott DeMaris may have been surreptitious lovers in high school, but now they have nothing in common. After graduation, Scott took their band, Black Lam, to the top of the charts. Crippled by an anxiety disorder, Bevin stayed home and opened a cafĂ© with the royalties he received for penning lyrics. When Scott barrels back into Bevin’s orderly life, looking for a real friend instead of showbiz phonies, they discover the spark is still flickering. But Bevin is plagued by panic attacks and agoraphobia—he can’t possibly handle the chaos of a relationship with a rock star. Even if he could, Scott is inconsiderate and in the closet. Bevin knows love means making compromises, but can he convince Scott—and himself—that it’s worth it?
Available from: Amazon
Reviews: The Armchair Reader, JoyfullyJay

Will of the Magus 
ISBN: 9781611186391
Genre: LGBT, Fantasy and Paranormal
Length: novella
Publisher: Loose Id
Released: 2012 (ebook)
Blurb: The walled town of Murrin Mere is suffering under siege. A young prince Auri turns to his tutor for guidance. The tutor, a Magus called Sterling, says they can use blood magic to defend the town. Sterling thinks only pain will feed his powers, by Auri thinks that other sensations might serve in its place, and in the privacy of the Magus's tower, he takes the opportunity to prove it. Together they must fight enemies and find allies to somehow survive the inevitable attack, but these two are increasingly hard to tell apart and the two lovers find it almost impossible even to trust each other. Auri and Sterling are unavoidably separated by their promises and their obligations to others. After everything that they have achieved together, will the last thing they have to sacrifice be love?
Available from: Barnes and Noble
Reviews: The Romance Reviews,

Journey's End
ISBN: 9781601682765
Genre: fantasy
Length: novella
Publisher (audiobook): Audiominx (2010)
Self-Published (ebook): Smashwords (2013), Amazon Kindle(2 013)
Previously published by Torquere Press (2004)

Blurb: Castel is an elf stranded in human lands, slowly dying from lack of magical energy. Mendry is a human assassin descended from a line of vampire 'Dragon Knights' who seek to bring an evil dragon back to life. When Mendry's father steals a child he believes to be his grand-daughter, the seventh generation needed to carry out the resurrection ritual, Mendry and Castel come together to save an innocent life, facing evil mages and more. Together with the child's uncle and mother, they make an unlikely band of heroes, and find a whole new meaning to the word family.

Kin #1: Wolfkin
ISBN: 1605040665
Genre: High fantasy, M/M, werewolf
Length: novella
Publisher: formerly Samhain, reissued by author
Release: 2008/2017 (ebook)
Tag Line: The man Arun loves is kin to the wolf; but Arun is kin to darkness itself.
Blurb: Arun is in training to be a priest of the Fire God when he is abruptly plucked from his peaceful studies, bespelled and staked out as bait to capture a monster—a wolfkin. But the wolfkin isn’t quite what Arun expected. He has a name, Trae, and he’s more man than beast. And from their first touch, they are far more than predator and prey to each other. Instead of killing Arun, Trae spirits him away to the distant city of Shireen. There, on a family plot of land, they should have a good life together. But the spell that a witch cast on Arun is growing stronger, taking over—and it still wants to destroy the wolfkin. Torn between the power of the spell and his love for Trae, Arun must face the darkness within him—or it will kill them both.
Available From: Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Book Depository.
Reviews: Anne Sommerville, Mrs Giggles, Two Lips Reviews.

King of Dragons, King of Men
ISBN: 9781599984223, 1599983303
Genre: fantasy
Length: novel
Publisher: Samhain (paperback, ebook)
Released: 2007 (paperback, ebook)
Tag Line: How do you choose between two lovers, when you deserve neither?
Blurb: Two knights, William and his foster brother Allen, are summoned to fight for their baron. William leaves behind his wife by an arranged marriage and enters a political game where the baron, the king and maybe the devil himself, each have their plans for him. On the eve of battle, William meets a being called Ahriman and is offered a chance to save Allen’s life…but only at a great price. Although it tears him apart, William agrees to save Allen from his fate and begins a chain of events that offers him great treasures—the crown of the nation, a magical device that opens a door to a world of dragons and, rarest of all, the love of two good people—which he knows he does not deserve. Can the aid of the dragons put right the damage done?

Eclipse #3: Here Comes the Sun
ISBN: 9781596327597
Genre: paranormal MM
Length: novella
Publisher: Loose Id
Released: 2008 (ebook)
Blurb: When Mason discovered his quiet professor boyfriend, Lan, was a werewolf he was thrust into a world of trouble. Lan is becoming an important man in the new and peaceful were-government, but the wolf packs are not going to let go of power easily. Mason is not trusted by any of the werefolk, adrift in his life, and his diffident lover is fast becoming an uncontrollable wolf--as enemies close in on them all from every side. A natural alpha male all his life, Mason realizes that every enemy and even his own lover could easily overpower him. But none of them are ready to do what it takes to save the werewolves' human victims. To keep his lover and his life Mason must learn to control forces greater than himself, and take a stand against his enemies even if he cannot hope to defeat them.

The Wicca Man #1: Tongue Tied
ISBN: 9781596324459
Genre: erotic romance, gay fiction, paranormal
Length: Novella
Publisher: Loose Id
Released: 2007 (ebook)
Blurb: When Sean, a conservative psychology professor, is cornered one night by a very buff creature of the night, he does the first thing he can think of. Casts a spell. Not just any spell. A love spell. And it works. Now the vampire, Thane, is head over heels for Sean and causing chaos in his life. Even worse, Sean’s falling in love with him, too. But is it real or just the magic? The witches are pissed Sean used coercive black magic. The vampires want Thane back. And Sean knows, if you love something, you’ve got to set it free. If it comes back, it’s meant to be, right? The only problem is, the being he’s setting free is a bloodthirsty vampire, and there’s a lot more at stake than just matters of the heart.

Maewyn's Prophecy #3: A Heart Aflame
ISBN: 9781596322509
Genre: gay erotic romance, fantasy
Length: novella
Publisher: Loose Id
Released: 2006 (ebook)
Blurb: From his polished, lace-up shoes to his manicured nails, Roman was a very civilized elf. Archer, on the other hand, was just a young man who knew he had the devil inside him. All he had to give the world was his skill in battle and his love for Roman. And Roman’s passion for tidiness, order and rightness drove him deeper into his uncouth ways. Once, just once, Archer wanted to hear Roman shout, see him throw something, see him out of control. He wanted to know that Roman really cared about him as he was -- rather than constantly fighting to turn him into something else. He wanted to see Roman with his heart aflame.

Maewyn's Prophecy #2: The Pilgrim Heart
ISBN: 1596321563
Genre: gay erotic romance, fantasy
Length: novella
Publisher: Loose Id
Released: 2005 (ebook)
Blurb:  Peter finds his true love in the form of Veleur, a silver-haired elven magician, but that is only the beginning. He is thrown in the midst of a group of magic-workers, persecuted by a secret religious order and proves completely unable to master his own natural powers. Just when he needs his lover the most, Peter’s left vulnerable and abducted by the League of Maewyn who seek to use his abilities to further their own despicable plans. He stands alone and untrained against the insane ghost of one of the greatest wizards in history, the legendary St. Patrick. His only hope is that Veleur’s love will lead him to Peter’s side and his rescue.

Eclipse #1: Eclipse of the Heart
ISBN: 1596320680
Genre: gay romance/erotica, paranormal
Length: novella
Publisher: Loose Id
Release Date: 2004
Tag Line: He's openly gay, but a closet werewolf. Now Lan must reveal his biggest secret...and risk losing his life and his lover.
Blurb: Lan is openly gay, but a closet werewolf. A university lecturer with a history of abuse, he finds it hard to reconcile his submissive nature with his predatory tendencies. Tough but sensitive, bouncer Mason wants to help Lan come to terms with his past. He loves Lan, but Lan is hiding something from him. Something that might get them both killed. Will the truth eclipse the passion in their hearts?

The Nameless God
ISBN: 9781596327344
Genre: High fantasy, LGBT Medieval Fantasy Paranormal, M/M

Length: novel
Publisher: Loose Id
Released: 2008 (ebook)
Blurb: Fisk is a lowly swineherd and not too unhappy with his lot, until a nameless god picks Fisk to receive his visions. Then he's deemed cursed and cast out of his job, onto the open road with winter coming, and no way to keep himself alive. Levin, a gorgeous Protector Knight, says Fisk is a prophet and vows to look after him, in every way. Including the needs of his body. As passion grows between them darkness closes in all around. The gods are at war, a falling star threatens to destroy the town, but its rulers will not listen to Fisk's warning, and the visions are threatening Fisk's health. Through it all the one thing he can rely on is Levin's strength and his love, but when the Protector's Order itself comes under attack, where will Levin's loyalty lie?

The Highwayman
ISBN: 1600880460
Genre: Gay erotic romance, historical
Length: novella
Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Released: 2008
Blurb: Reynard is the impoverished son of a cavalier, driven to highway robbery to support his sister, Emilia. But a puritan he robs proves to be his new neighbor--and Emilia returns to the house with her intended fiance, who demands her promised dowry or the deeds to the family lands. Finally a new sheriff turns up in town to put an end to the latest spate of robberies. Just when Reynard needs quick money all he can steal is the heart of an insolent roundhead who has a few secrets of his own!
Reviews: Speak its Name.

The Collector #2: Graveheart
ISBN: 9781596323544
Genre: gay romance/erotica
Length: novella, e-book
Publisher: Loose Id
Blurb: Kieran specializes in business dealings of a delicate nature. The sort that require an intimate knowledge of target and goal. And he’s very, very good at his job. A mysterious collector asks Kieran to carry out a simple task--to acquire a mysterious antique object called the lovestone from Joshua Brassington, a Vancouver businessman, whose old money wealth and self-possessed charm are the epitome of everything Kieran loathes. When his purely financial offer for the artifact is unsuccessful, Kieran plans a simple, mercenary seduction. Cold and meticulous, Kieran has no place in his life for facing the ghosts of his dark past or seeking love in his future. But Joshua finds Kieran worthy of acquisition, and he, and the lovestone, have other plans.
Note: part of a multi-author shared world series

The Sculptor's Muse
ISBN: 9781596323117
Genre: gay erotica/romance, fantasy
Length: novella
Publisher: Loose Id
Blurb: Karl, a young painter, is struck blind almost over night by a merciless virus. Clarius, a jaded muse, is sent to watch over him. Muses are meant to remain an invisible, divine presence--but from the very beginning Clarius knows that this case will be different. Karl does not need abstract inspiration; he needs to be loved, and touched. But a vindictive female muse and Karl’s insane ex-boyfriend are hunting Clarius down--and the penalty for any muse revealing themselves to a mortal man is death! Clarius must leave the man he loves and the loss may tear them both apart.
Available from: Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook.
Reviews: Euroreviews.

Dealing Straight
ISBN: 1596321490
Genre: gay romance/erotica, historical, western
Length: novella
Publisher: Loose Id
Tag Line: "Gunslinger" takes on a whole new meaning in this Wyatt Earp-style Western, where men will be, and do men.
Blurb: Richard is worn out, used up, and just plain cynical. Son of a wealthy Bostonian banker, he came west to gamble and carouse when his life fell apart. Though a sensitive and moral man, he finds a reckless life easier to bear—since he has no one to care about and no real hopes for his future. Brave, beautiful U.S. Marshall Wayne Sneddon wants to change all that. He enlists Richard to help him find and take down a bigwig out to get water rights for himself, regardless of the settlers in the way. In part, Wayne needs help, but more, he wants Richard’s company. In between the shooting, fighting and intrigue, Richard comes to share Wayne’s feelings…but after he finds the courage to share Wayne’s bed, will he find the courage to share his feelings? Sometimes just about anything is easier than Dealing Straight.


Blue Murder
ISBN: 9781601682765
Genre: fantasy, M/M Shapeshifter
Length: novella
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Released: 2010 (ebook)
Blurb: Bern is a quiet sort of man: a receptionist at the police station, a registered vampire dependent on government blood, and living in an otherkin ghetto.  Kerry is a policeman, and an unregistered werewolf on the ‘down low’.  When Kerry is framed for murder and trapped in his wolf-form Bern sees no option but to flee for Canada.  But when the lovers are separated governments, paranormal gangs and even Kerry’s own family conspire to keep them apart.  Bern needs to get in touch with his inner monster to save Kerry from a fate worse than death and keep them together against all odds.

Master List of Titles (Currently Unavailable Editions Struck Through)

Novels (5): Broken Sword, Father of Dragons, King of Dragons King of Men, Lover of Ghosts, Nameless God (The).

Novellas (14): Blue Murder, Dealing Straight, Eclipse of the Heart, Graveheart, Heart Aflame (A), Heart in Shadows (A), Here Comes the Sun, Highwayman (The), Journey's End, Pilgrim Heart, Sculptor's Muse, Tongue Tied, Wildest Dreams, Wolfkin.

Short Stories (26): Bisclavaret, Blood and Feathers, Break and Enter, Contraband, Ebb Moon,Elfin Knight (The), Father Winter, Fisher of Men, Knowing Patrick, Lost Souls of Cats, Maze Bright, Rat Burglar (The), Seconds, Seed (The), Sidhe Stoops to Conquer, Son of a Bitch, Star Crossed, Succubus, Swan Prince (The), Talamur, Teacher (The), Tempus, Temptation of Sebastian (The), Thanatos, Thing He Loves (The), Wolf's Forfeit (The).

Poetry (1): Only I.

Format Guide

Available in Paperback: Standalone Works (New)
  • Father of Dragons (novel)
  • King of Dragons, King of Men (novel)
  • Coming soon: Lover of Ghosts (novel)

Available in Paperback: Compilations (New)
  • Blood and Feathers (short story) in Dreams and Desires #2 (anthology)
  • Maze Bright (short story) in: Dreams and Desires #2 (anthology)
  • Only I (poem) In: Illuminations: Expressions of Personal Spiritual Experience (anthology)
  • Son of a Bitch (short story) in: The Call (anthology)
Available as Audiobook
  • Journey's End (novella)

Available as Ebook
  • Blue Murder (novella)
  • Blood and Feathers (short story) in Dreams and Desires #2 (anthology) 
  • Coming soon: Broken Sword (novel)
  • Collected Veinglory: M/M Short Stories (collection)
  • Dealing Straight (novella)
  • Ebb Moon (short story)
  • Eclipse of the Heart (novella)
  • Graveheart (novella)
  • Heart Aflame, A (novella)
  • Heart in Shadows, A (novella)
  • Here Comes the Sun (novella)
  • Highwayman, The (novella) 
  • Maze Bright (short story) in: Dreams and Desires #2 (anthology) 
  • Nameless God, A (novel)
  • Pilgrim Heart, The (novella)
  • Sculptor's Muse, The (novella)
  • Seconds (short story) in: First Times (anthology)
  • Son of a Bitch (short story) in: The Call (anthology)
  • Swan Prince, The (short story) in: Shifting Perspectives #2 (anthology)
  • Talamur (short story) in: Eternally Noir (anthology)
  • Tongue Tied (novella)
  • Wildest Dreams (novella) in: A Kiss at Midnight (anthology)
  • Wolfkin (novella)

Available (Ezine)
  • Lost Souls of Cats, The (short story)
Out of Print Editions (Compilations)--used copies may be available
  • Thanatos (short story) in: Vamprotica 2005 (anthology)

Out of Print Editions (ebook)
  • Blue Murder (short story) in Creatures of the Night, Creatures of Delight (anthology, ebook)--extended novella version now available as Blue Murder
  • Broken Sword (novel)--new edition coming soon from Aspen Mountain Press.
  • Elfin Knight, The: (short story, ebook)*
  • Fisher of Men (short story) in: Vamprotica 2006 (anthology)*
  • Journey's End (novella)--available as an audiobook
  • Rat Burglar, The (short story) in Shifting Perspectives #1
  • Seed, The (short story)* 
  • Sidhe Stoops to Conquer (short story)*
  • Star Crossed (short story)*
  • Teacher, The (short story) in: Centaurfold (anthology)*
  • Tempus (short story)*
  • Temptation of Sebastian, The (short story)
  • Thanatos (short story) in: Vamprotica 2005 (anthology)
  • Thing He Loves, The (short story)*

Out of Print (Ezine)
  • Break and Enter (short story)
  • Contraband (short story)*
  • Father Winter (short story)*
  • Succubus (short story)*
  • Wolf's Forfeit, The (short story)*
 Out of Print (Zine)
  • Bisclavaret (short story)*
*now available in: Collected Veinglory: M/M Short Stories (collection, ebook)