Aroha Bourke

Aroha Bourke

I will be debuting a new pen name with the release of Doe Velvet, the first book in the Deerfolk Series. These stories will feature heroines who find love on the way to adventure in a fantasy world full of magic and intrigue. So if you love romance between a strong man and even stronger woman, watch this space!

The Deerfolk Series

The Deerfolk Series is about a fantasy world filled with noble houses, magical beast, silver-tongued fey, and the "folk" -- people who are a blend of humans and forest animals.

Doe Velvet

Doe Velvet is the story of Thera of the Deerfolk whose home is in the deep, dark, mystical Dragon Forest.  When a human prince asks to be guided across the forest they both know the journey will be a dangerous one, but the greatest dangerous of all may be the blossoming of their forbidden love.


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