Saturday, October 27, 2007

How Snow Leopards Got Their Sexy Back

Not that they necessarily lost it. I mean just how many stories about hot were-snow leopards are there?

Maybe not so many, but 'Understanding Forgiveness' by TA Chase is a great one. I happen to be fond of vulnerable, even weakened, male characters. Heinrich's father not only created a menagerie of were-creature but experimented on his son in the womb leaving him both charged and sometimes exhausted by a strange electrical field running through his body. Mason is a shifter on the run so unused to kindness and care that he first tries to make mercenary use of Heinrich's attraction to him. On Heinrich's isolated ranch-slash-shifter sanctuary the two gradually come to accept the, um, electricity... animal magnetism? Well, I guess I should skip the metaphors and just say that finally two hot men do what two hot men do best. I dearly hope to see a little more of the secondary characters especially Zev the wolf who seems to have buried his own needs under his role as Heinrich's protector.

'Understanding Forgiveness' is the first of three stories in Shifting Perspectives.
See also: T A Chase's review of Feathered Friend, and Fiona Glass's review of The Rat Burglar.

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Ansley Vaughan said...

All three stories sound great, Em. I suspect this is one volume that's going to find its way into my shopping basket pretty soon!

Well done!