Monday, December 3, 2007

I am so gullible sometimes

So there is a young man at the door. I am not too worried as my dog is doing his best rabid wolf impersonation so I open the door. The young man says how he lives at the apartment building next door (which explains how he got into a secure apartment building) and he is collecting for a charity. The 'Lamb' program that takes inner city kids to live on a working farm for a while.

He has all these materials that look kind of convincing but in retrospect could be made at any Kinkos. I say I don't have any cash, which I don't, could he come back tomorrow?

Which he can't.

Um, a neighbor collecting for a charity could come back tomorrow. And any kind of real program would come up on Google. Fortunately the cashless society saved me some money.


Michelle Cary said...

Guess you have to give the kid credit for being creative, but thank God you had your dog there to protect you. Sometimes it can be a really scary world man!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Ugh. I hate it when they come to my door. I have four dogs and three of them are completely psycho about visitors to the front door. (Or people walking by or the garbage men or....)
Glad you didn't get taken, but creepy that he "claimed" to be a neighbor but couldn't come back the next day.