Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random story ideas...

I get them all the time. This one in the bath.

PSY-CHICK... that's right, sci fi chicklit

Magenta has been told her whole life that she is psi and just repressing her talent. But try as she might, she can't read minds. And so long as she is tagged PSI she can't get any other sort of normal job. Magenta gets by as a freelance electrical technician at the docking bay.

Then she meets the offworlder AI ship Ariadne and her gorgeous Captain Chris Chauncy. A station short citcuit blasts a lot of the ships and Magenta gets work helping test and repair Ariadne's systems. It seems like there might be something between her and Chris, but there is defintiely something between her and Ariadne--she can read the ship's mind!

Magenta lands a sweet loner term job with the offworlders who don't know about her PSI status because the station databases are down, but her relationship with Chris gets off to s shaky start. Ariadne reacts to her bond with Magenta by adapting her personality to Magenta's desires. The new and distinctly masculine persona, Aaron, leaves a lot of people confused--especially Chris who thinks he is still the ships bondmate and wonders what this says about his sexuality.

Fortunately Magenta is happy to help Chris get back in touch with his heterosexuality. As her friendship with Aaron develops the ship becomes more highly sentient then before. When the truth finally comes out it is clear that Magenta's peculiar AI-psi ability may be highly valuable in developing the next generation of AI unmanned ships.

So there you go. It would be the first in a series involving angst, flying cats, gay pirates, a war with rogue sentient ships and--of course--lost of sex. Not that I have time to write it.


Anne Douglas said...

Ooh, I like those ideas. Want some help?

Page Smith said...

I'm a little confused by you calling it "ChickLit."

Are her space boots Prada? Is the ship a mean boss? Is she underpaid in scrips (or whatever the future currency is)? Does she drink too many "Alpha Centauri"-es in cool martini-like glasses?

It sounds like a good story.

Helen said...

Wow! You should bathe more often.

Er, what I mean is, if story ideas like this one are the result of a hot bath, then you should bathe more often so you'll get more ideas.

Nothing but love, Emily...

Orthi Rabbane said...

Wow. You should definitely write it. I'm really enjoying your blog. It's very refreshing and I also like your stuff from POD Peep.

I was the one who wrote "Homicide Insecticide". I'm just wondering what you thought of it. Any comment at all would be helpful.

Keep Blogging!


Emily Veinglory said...

Hi Orthi, I'm reading it now--about 90% through but had to stop and get some work done. I love your ideas--very fresh and interesting--but some of the prose is a bit clunky and it needs a copy-editor! I will post a review at some point, probably Friday.

Orthi Rabbane said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to it.

Yes, and I definitely see what you mean. I got my review copy and after 5 drafts, I didn't expect there to be so many problems. But I guess that's what a review copy is for.