Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wolfkin, coming soon.

The cover art went up today and it already had attracted some attention. Thanks for the mention to Mrs Giggles. Thanks for the great cover design go to Anne Cain.

In case anyone is interested below is my original cover request. The cover is at the end. The novella will be out July 8th, final edits just went in today.

Cover Art Request:

Arun: “A rather ordinary, gangly young man in tidy robes, plain to look at, bookish and a little prim.” Sandy hair, pale skin, solemn demeanor. I see him something like this, a stock pick I have bought if you want to use it.

Arun is going to be a sun priest and he initially sees the wolfkin as a monster of the darkness. Maybe something like this wolf but with a sun not the moon (maybe with Arun in foreground). Or just a simple male face in the dark but lit from above like in this shot (yes of a girl, but you get the idea)>

[wolf not shown due to copyright]

I would suggest more of a fantasy tone than an MM one (e.g. I love the man torso, but not too centre stage on this one as it is not really full on MM erotica?)

The Cover (I love it):


Caitlin said...

That is a gooorgeous cover. And I agree... too many naked torsos are nauseating.

Emily Veinglory said...
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