Friday, May 2, 2008

May 2nd

Novella in a Month #2
I opened a new file, I typed the title. So progress so far=6 words. Tonight I will read the story this will be the sequel to, to make sure the details are fresh in my mind.

Promoting the Muse #2: Link Exchange--Spottt
The basic point of a link exchange is that you show ads for other blogs, and they show ads for you. Spottt is one such system. For every two ad views you give other blogs you get one. Pros: Easy to use, automated once it is in place. Cons: I suspect that for most blogs, probably including this one, the number of actual clickthroughs will be low to nil. So far my ad has been shown 615 times and not been clicked on once. Top referrers to the blog for May so far are (to be discussed later) and 3 clicks from Spottt's main site (probably me testing the widget).

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Jordan said...

I'm having trouble activating my Spott account. Maybe I'll try again with a different email.

Here's a place you can list your site for free:

Your Spott marketing inspired me to sniff around a little, too. That's how I found gayplanet. I wish there were something better targeted to slashy readers. Maybe it's time to revisit old webrings, though I always had my doubts as to how much traffic they actually drove.