Monday, June 30, 2008

Game Called for Light

-1: I was told about someone file sharing Broken Sword
+1: The file sharing site pulled the file within an hour.
-1: A suit I ordered from China arrived. It was meant to be UK14/USA12, which I am by a safe margin. However it arrived with a jacket one size too small and the skirt at least two sizes too small for me.
+ 1: Samhain sent me a birthday card. Several publishers have sent me Xmas cards but this is my first birthday card. :)

I will call the day a draw.

I am almost 36, the age both Marilyn Monroe and James Dean died. I suppose it is now officially too late for me to become very, very famous and then immortalise myself by dying while still gorgeous.


Anonymous said...


(from a reader of your books and blogs)

Emily Veinglory said...

Thank you :)

Helen said...

Happy birthday, and screw the whole "Die young/Stay pretty" (or famous) thing. I'll be 40 in February, and my writing career is only just taking off. You're younger than me and way ahead of me in the game. You got plenty to be happy about, and if you don't want to be happy, then **I** will be happy to come over with my thigh high leather boots and flogger and give you that career counseling I promised in earlier post.

Or maybe I'll just send you chocolates. Chocolates always make me happy. Did I say 'Happy birthday' yet?