Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Backlist List

I think I finally settled on a format for the book page of my website that is reasonably clear and looks okay. There are still a few stories not listed but most of them are up. Any feedback would be appreciated. Is there anything 'off', any other information or links that I should add?

Book List


Fiordiligi said...

Ok, de-lurking here.

Why don't you provide the blurb and a site-intern excerpt of your stories? For me that's the most important thing when I come to an author's site. Not to be re-directed to the book on the publisher's webpage (that link is important, too), but to get as much information on the author's site as possible.

And some of your coverart is really lovely, why not display it more prominently and not cut it?

All in all I like the uncluttered style. You give information about the genre, series, ISBN, length and publisher, all of which I consider vital to a good book presentation.

Emily Veinglory said...

Thank you for delurking! Currently my site is really basic again. It got very messy so I took it back to a fron page, book list and bio page.

I am wondering how to add information about the books without having an enormous page. How about a link from the book list to a page for each book or series? It would take some putting together but if readers like it I am more than willing to pull together blurbs, excerpts and reviews for each one.

Fiordiligi said...

Definitely NOT one enormous page! If you want to combine book information, then maybe with stories which are connected, otherwise give each book its own site. The selling of those stories is the most important goal of your homepage, I assume. So make the most of it and show your books from their most advantageous site.

I don't think it would be that much work to put the necessary information together. The listing as it currently is would be a good start. You could link the title of the book to the extra page where you provide the same information again + the blurb (very important, as the excerpt not always tells you a lot about the story), a normal sized (as Samhain or Loose Id do) picture of the cover, and below it the excerpt. Additionally, you could add an extra link on the main page which directly leads to the excerpt.