Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Nameless God

The Nameless God seems to have the potential to slip into a very early publishing slot at Loose Id, so it may be coming out by the end of July. It does need not only copy editing but modifications to some scenes--so hitting the early slot will depend partly on me getting the edits done promptly. This story is a particular favorite of mine so I look forward to seeing it released.

I am also finally starting to get the website how I want it. If any of you get a chance could you please go to the main page and look the the bottom of the right column. Is the blog display widget displaying correctly for you? I like the idea of giving a blog preview on the index page but I worry about the widget being slow loading or nor working on all browsers....


Anonymous said...

OH JOY!!! Love your writing, Emily.

The blog widget on your main page is displaying correctly for me.

Emily Veinglory said...

Thanks for checking it

Nameless God should be a good one if you like my kind of hero. (i.e. sarcastic and not at all alpha) ;)

Helen said...

Emily, the blog widget looks like it's working just fine to me, and the website seems to be coming along very well.

Congrats on the Nameless God!