Sunday, July 6, 2008


I do not want to join Yaari, Shelfari, Googleread, Ning or your yahoogroup. Seriously. One more invitation to some kind of internet clusterping and I will purge my gmail email list of everyone but blood relatives and my editors. [/rant]


Helen said...

You said it. All these things are touted as great ways for e-book authors to promote themselves, but honestly, how can anybody keep up with all those groups? I'd like to find a way to promote myself without having to set up a time-suckage gimmick like that. Any ideas?

Anne Douglas said...

Congrats on the stunning review from Mrs G on Wolfkin!

fiona glass said...

LOL! I think shelfari puts people on some kind of auto-repeat-contact list without the people who originally invited you actually realising. If that makes you feel any better...? :)