Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here Comes Here Comes the Sun

Now on the Coming Soon page at Loose Id.


Renaissance Publishing said...


I am the publisher of Renaissance Publishing, an independent publisher in Singapore supporting our fledging writers' scene with an annual writing contest giving out cash prizes and publishing the top entries. We also PAY local writers to write for us generously!

You caused great reputation damage to us and our efforts when you irresponsibly posted on this Singapore writers' blog cum forum:

that we are a publisher who do not pay their authors.

I have since gotten the administrators of that blog to take away your comment but the damage has been done. I presume your slanderous comment was prompted by this thread, ,the confusion of the similar name, and your earnestness to seek justice for Condor221.

I hope the same sense of righteousness and justice will prompt you to post a public apology and correction for your error surely caused by not even bothering to surf our website to find out who we are first before maligning us in a public domain like that.

Renaissance Publishing is funded and managed by writers passionate about books. We have invested much money and effort and it pained us tremendously to see our reputation marred overnight by your baseless accusation. Please put yourselves in our shoes. We will appreciate your effort to restore and clear up our reputation so that we can carry on our work to discover and support talent in Singapore.

Emily Veinglory said...

I agree that post was in error. however it is unfortunate that you share the same name as a press that does have such a poor reputation.