Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Review: The Nameless God

"Fisk reminds me a bit of the old saints of Christian's history, men like S. Francesco or S. Antonio, born in wealth but who chose to be poorer among the poor; the only difference is that Fisk is already poor, but he chooses not to improve his status thanks to the vision's gift. He is an humble man, and he underestimates himself. He believes Levin to be the important man in the story, and instead even Levin in the big design of God will not be able to see the right thing to do, only Fisk will be able to do that."

Review from Elisa Rolle, read it in full here.

The Nameless God, available here.

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Page Smith said...

Wow! That is quite a review. I'm so glad you're getting some of the credit you deserve for your talent. What nameless god gives you your visions? And I do hope it's not weakening you... selfishly, because I want to read more of your books.