Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Review: A Nameless God

There is another very insightful review at Uniquely Pleasurable by Bookutopiamom, this time for A Nameless God. This kind of feedback is gold for me as well as providing some real information to potential readers.

"In the end, the book and its characters fascinate me. The quiet desolation that permeates from start to finish creates an irresistible atmosphere, sucking me into the story’s events and the characters’ lives with frightening ease. While I’m left with questions about where things go from the end, and hesitations regarding Levin’s well-roundedness compared to other characters (I really don’t want to think of Levin as purely a foil simply because I want more from all of them, though it’s obvious he does play that role here), the story remains eloquent and engrossing. I can only hope the author hopes to continue the saga. There is so much to be explored."

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