Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reply to Thi :)

Hi there guys, this post  is a reply to comment on this post.

Hi, nice to meet you.I'm so happy to add a new author to my fav list :D I have almost read all your books even though I've just discover you a week ago ^^

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed them!

I'm so excited after finding out you are writing sequels to all my fav reads like Ballot's keeper, The nameless God, Wicca man and Wolkin. May I ask when Lover of ghost is gona be on sale? I'm checking everyday on updates in your blog about it and would love to know the release date to looking forward to :)

I am just finishing a second pass on the edits.  I believe Loose Id is aiming for a September or October release. I am still in the process of writing the sequel to Wicca Man Tongue Tied (Wicca Man: Blood Born) and Wolfkin (Veilkin).

Thanks for dropping by :)

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