Thursday, January 27, 2011

Five Online Earning Goals

  • My first adsense check has cleared and is apparently on the way. Currently I get about 500 adsense impressions a day. My goal is to get 1000. [Jan: 494]
  • Zazzle is coming along but nothing regular.  So my goal is to make 10 good simple T-shirt designs with a graphic and a catchy slogan. [Progress 5/10].
  • My next novella is almost finished, I want to complete the first draft. [Done]
  • I need to prepare and scan a property release for Shutterstock and upload five illustrations that are already completed. [release, 5/5]
  • I need to think of one new income stream. [Done]
Deadline: February 15th for #2-#5.  July 1st for #1.

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