Saturday, July 2, 2011

Master Title List

I decided it was time to do a round up of everything I have ever managed to get published anywhere. I am pretty sure I am forgetting some, like from my zine era. Even so, there were a few more than I realized! If you see any missing please let me know.

Novels (5): Broken Sword, Father of Dragons, King of Dragons King of Men, Lover of Ghosts, Nameless God (The).

Novellas (14): Blue Murder, Dealing Straight, Eclipse of the Heart, Graveheart, Heart Aflame (A), Heart in Shadows (A), Here Comes the Sun, Highwayman (The), Journey's End, Pilgrim Heart, Sculptor's Muse, Tongue Tied, Wildest Dreams, Wolfkin.

Short Stories (25): Bisclavaret, Blood and Feathers, Break and Enter, Contraband, Ebb Moon, Elfin Knight (The), Father Winter, Fisher of Men, Knowing Patrick, Lost Souls of Cats, Maze Bright, Rat Burglar (The), Seed (The), Sidhe Stoops to Conquer, Son of a Bitch, Star Crossed, Succubus, Swan Prince (The), Talamur, Teacher (The), Tempus, Temptation of Sebastian (The), Thanatos, Thing He Loves (The), Wolf's Forfeit (The).

Poetry (1): Only I.

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