Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Rocking Out, Second Edition

Rocking Out is available again on Amazon Kindle(previously published by Dreamspinner). This is one book of mine that I don't think ever really found its readership.  I think this is because most people came into it expecting a rip-roring rock and roll love story, when the actual center of the narrative is the protagonist's struggle with his anxiety disorder. 

Bevin knows that he loves his old flame, now a famous musicians.  He is not sure however, that he can cope with having Scott back in his life.  Scott is honestly a bit of an insensitive and self-centered guy, as charismatic and famous people can often be. But the emotional journey for this couple is toward that classic recognition that people who are very different can bring out the best in each other.

I hope that the new cover helps create the right expectation given that the story is told only from Bevin's point of view and takes place more in suburbia than the glamorous locations you might expect with a rock star love interest. The story is told from Bevin's perspective because, quite honestly, he is the more interesting character with the more difficult lesson to learn. He is one of my favorite protagonists and I am happy to have this book available again!

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