Sunday, July 20, 2008

I've been trying to diversify my online income a little, including increasing my stock photo gallery. This is the last one I had accepted at shutterstock. Not any kind of personal statement I assure you :). Below is my best seller through shutterstock. I have no idea what people use it for but one thing I have learned about taking stock is: shoot everything and let the market sort it out.

I am no great technical photographer, but you can do okay with a modern point-and-shoot digital camera without having mad skills. The main thing is to get the objects well positioned in the frame, make sure the picture is in focus and shoot in good light to avoid noise.

Shooting stock also makes my dog happy as I spend more time outside letting him wander around and sniff stuff, rather than taking a brisk but boring walk around the block :)


fiona glass said...

This is something I really ought to investigate although I'm less good at photographing single objects... Love your pics!

Helen said...

Em, these are great! I know exactly what I'd use them for. I take all sorts of weird ass photos for my digital artwork and use them for textures and overlays and collages as such. Maybe I ought to dig through my collection and see what I've got.

I really just love both of these!