Thursday, July 24, 2008

Normal posting will resume pretty soon; I get home tonight. Until then here is a sculpture I saw in my travels and rather liked. I don't know who it is by. The eyes are quite large and have seating built into the back.


Dave King said...

Sorry, can't say I like the eyes, but I really like the other picture. Gorgeous.

pleonastic said...

they remind me a lot of louise bourgeois' eye benches in seattle's olympic sculpture park:

*waves*. just dropped by because i'd been reading maewyn's prophecy (which i liked a lot and which caused me to think quite a bit about social engineering of all things), and was wondering whether there was a part 5. thanks much for writing this series!

Emily Veinglory said...

Wow, thanks for that link. now I am curious because even the positioning seems very similar.

I am really pleased that you liked the Maewyn series. I had planned two more books focussing on Giffen ('Giffen Good' and 'Giffen Take') but these were shelved due to low sales of that particular series compared to my other books. However the Giffen books could certainly be revived if there seems to be interest (even from just a few readers).