Wednesday, October 15, 2008


If you are moving into a dorm or apartment complex in the US, ask what their laundry service is. Specifically, ask if the use Coinmach to provide and maintain machines. If the do provide washer and dryer machines via Coinmach seriously considering not moving in, unless you own your own laundry machines.

The whole time I have been in this apartment they have insisted on reparing machines that then keep working only for a few more weeks before breaking down with the exact same fault. It has been almost a month since we had any working washing machine, one is sort of working--weakly. The other two do not work at all. Multiple calls and emails have had no effects. Coinmach also does not refund the money paid into machine that subsequently do not work--one assumes they just remove and keep that money.

Coinmach, the laundry room you have when you don't have a laundry room.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. They keep attempting to "repair" the same old washing machine which works for a couple days then breaks down again. It's a rip off!