Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Irritable Male Syndrome

Just when I thought I had seen it all: Irritable Male Syndrome. This must be a joke, surely? There was a time when a lot of illness were said to be basically because of gender. 'Hysteria', for example, due to the womb wonder around the place like a lost sheep. Generally gender specific psychoses have fallen out of favor but with the turning of the tide in the battle of the sexes it seem it is time to pathologize male grumpiness.

As one of the people in the clip says" "can you take something for that?" Yes, take two X-chromosomes and call me in the morning. Seriously people, sometimes a temper tantrum is just a temper tantrum. Neither a pill, nor a much-hyped book, is gonna help.

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Helen said...

It would be nice if not every foul mood and outburst of bad behavior was given a prescription. What the hell happened to good manners and responsibility? Ah, wait, I have the perfect prescription for IMS. It's called a smack upside the head. I give myself one whenever I suffer from PFS (Pissy Female Syndrom), so I'm sure it will work for other such **diseases** as well.