Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wherein I potentially get dropped as a Today blogger

You may have noticed my entre into paid blogging in the form of the Cliterature blog (see left sidebar for link). Below is a copy of a post deemed inappropriate by their reviewers and deleted.


So, what do you think of the new look? is moving us all to a uniform theme. I am not thrilled with standardisation in general, but I guess this theme isn’t too bad. And it was about time I spruced up the banner. Nothing like a little faux age-roleplay with cleavage to brighten the place up.

The new design comes with more advertising, but that does’t surprise me. I get paid a dollar per post and I find it hard to believe that clicks on the ads have been supporting even that modest pay rate.

As I want to continue being paid my dollar a day, I do want the advertising to be successful. I think the positioning of the ads is pretty good except for the ad between the post and the comments underneath it. But it is early days so far, they may change that.

Of course the funny thing about keyword driven ads is that they have a tendency to be horrendously inappropriate. The ads I have noticed in this blog include a quiz to see how ‘masculine or feminine’ you are (stereotypes abound), a service for choosing the sex of your baby (to avoid getting offspring of an inferior gender) and a dating service for meeting married women (yay for adultery : / ).

But I guess if the keywords I use bring up those ads, they may also attract readers not really into my neo-feminist maunderings, who will exit stage-google and keep the economics of this endeavour ticking over. Thus economics doth make hypocrites of us all (or something like that. With apologies to the bard).

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Judi said...

I must say, I've been really enjoying your cliterature blog and hope you keep it going in one form or another if Today get huffy.